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Timeframe: m30

Tool: All trading tools

Minimum deposit: 50 $

Minimum Lot: 0.01

You can open your account for trading on a strategy and withdrawing money here

Forex Nt Strategies on the M30 relate to short-term trading systems. Signals at this time period appear quite often and are quickly processed. By increasing the total number of transactions, the number of unprofitable positions is also increasing. Works on any tools.

Let's look at an example.

To trade according to the system, you need to set three indicators on the chart of the currency pair - the standard exponential moving average with a period of 50, the Hist StepMA Stoch indicator and the aNina v1 indicator. Indicators and instrument template you can download.


To open a buy order, you need to wait until the up arrow appears on the bottom Nina indicator. A green bar should appear in the histogram of the Hist StepMA Stoch indicator. You can only buy if the candle is above the exponential average. Otherwise, you cannot enter the market. You can see an example of a buy signal below.


Close the purchase when the histogram captures the red column.


The rules for sales are similar, but opposite. The Nina indicator draws a down arrow. The columns of the histogram change their color to red, and the price itself (candle) is directly above the EMA level with a period of 50.


Close the deal when the histogram captures the green column.

SL is set when buying below the moving average, when selling above the moving average.

You can open your account for trading on a strategy and withdrawing money here